6 months ago

2019-11-09 04:18:40

Dogecoin price experiences a 2.13 percent fall - blockcrypto.io

The Dogecoin Price sees a bearish drop of 2.13, following its daily high of 0.002788 USDT for November 8. The cryptocurrency currently trades at 0.0025333. Dogecoin/USDT 1-Day Price Chart According to the Dogecoin/USDT price chart above, the price line began its 24-hour journey on November 8 from its value above the 0.0027000 USDT price line. A bearish drop caused the price to gradually drop until it reached its low, under the 0.0025800 price line, at 0.0025709 USDT. The price concluded its 1-day sketch just under the 0.0026400 price mark, at 0.0026333 USDT. Dogecoin Price: Expectations Dogecoin/USDT Price Chart by Trading

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