An actual high-yield account for everyone.
Earn 5% APY on your dollars.

Interest accrues daily and is paid monthly. There are no hidden fees, no minimum balances, and no reason to wait

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Why go with BlockCrypto?

With interest rates offered by traditional banks barely crossing 0%, most bank accounts can hardly call themselves ‘high-yield.’
We lend your money where it pays and pass the return back to you through an actual high-yield account at 5% APY.

Easily manage your account

Our platform gives you full transparency and control over your account and assets.
You can manage your account from any smart device

Enjoy payment flexibility

At BlockCrypto, we aim to empower our clients. That’s why we let you choose the cryptocurrency in which you receive interest payments, bitcoin, ether or stablecoin

Stay secure

We use the latest security measures and protocols,
including two-factor authentication, to protect your sensitive data while you’re earning interest

0.50 %

Traditional High-Yield Account APY

5.00 %

BlockCrypto High-Yield Account APY

How It Work ?

We make lucrative opportunities in the growing digital asset economy available to everyone through a simple high-yield USD account.

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A BlockCrypto interest account is a high-yield account. With a BlockCrypto interest account, you can store USD and at the same time earn a yield on your deposits.

Deposit USD

To send money from your linked account, you can just make a transfer the way you usually do.

Earn Interest

BlockCrypto can generate a yield for our customers by exploiting the inefficiencies in the current market, whilst at the same time supplying institutions with the USDT they need for their business activities.